Jewellery Dishes

Hello friends ... I made some Jewellery Dishes , hope you all like these.



Acrylic on Canvas 

'Friends' are a blessing. 
Where Hearts are connected by a divine thread. 

Radha Rani

Radha Rani

Radha Krishna is my favorite art subject. I somehow draw immense pleasure in portraying Radha Krishna figures. Here, radha ji is dreaming of Lord Krishna playing flute.


This is ACRYLIC artwork on 8 by 10 inches art paper. The peacock feathers signify the thoughts of Lord Krishna.... making Radha even more beautiful.


This is an acrylic painting on canvas sheet size 10 by 12 inches. I called this ENLIGHTMENT because I feel this painting shows the complete channel of being enlightened.


When I was young and I saw Warli paintings , I was'nt much impressed. It did not appeal to me as I thought its kind of a kid's art. I did not believe that this could be a form of art which is world famous and loved. Warli art was started by people of the Warli tribe, an ancient East Indian tribe.

I think Warli is a beautiful form of art and with simple illustrations it gives huge clues about the daily activities and life style of the ancient tribe.

The Warli painting style is close to the pre-historic cave paintings. It breaks the barrier of three dimensional rendering and the objects seldom overlap. It is interesting to see how a monochrome composition with rudimentary object forms like this can be so appealing.

Warli life style depicts traveling in bullock carts, applying cow dung on floors and walls, drawing water from wells, dancing, weaving carpets etc, women carrying pots / stacks of water containers on their heads etc.

राधा कृष्ण . radha krishna

This is one of my favourite creations. Its an OIL Painting on canvas board size 16 X 20 inch.

Tribal Bride, India

I have painted this with paint brush on my comp. It’s a lot easier with brush on paper :))


A pencil sketch on paper. I guess her lips came out too big ..I realized this only when I finished it. But I love her for her beautiful and expressive eyes and expressions. Hope you like it as well.


This is ..just another pencil sketch... of Indian Village beauty. Their colourful dresses and accessories have always fascinated me. I hope you like it as well.


This is a pencil sketch. I have always been fascinated by this kind of tribal attire and the accessories used.


Eyes are clear full of tears rolling down. Red is the colour of the DESIRES. White is the colour of the AFTEREFFECTS of the actions done in the heat of ONLY desire.

Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna
This is an oil painting on canvas.
Lord Krisha is playing His flute to impress His beloved Radha, while she shys away and plays with the peacock.

Phases of Life

Yes... these are the phases of life.
The cycle of life and death !!
Life is fallacy ; only truth is Death.

Indian Village Painting

Indian Village painting
People are sitting by their bullock cart. The man is playing his musical instrument which is his only source of income.

Dancing Queen from Russia

Dancing Queen from Russia

This is my dancing queen... painted in oil @ white board.

I call it from Russia because I tried to copy one of the Russian dance steps in this painting.

Happy Family

A happy family

I made this on paintbrush on my PC.

My idea of a happy family. Dancing ; celebrating ; sharing ; loving ; enjoying ... with your close ones. The red thread is the 'SPARK' which should be kept alive within. Normally, with age, the spark fades off... however, if we work towards it, we would definitely be able to keep it alive.

Veiled Beauty

Let the eyes do the talking.

This is one of my first few artworks ... which I made in paintbrush on my PC. I have always loved the veils that Muslim women wear. I made several artworks portraying the beauty of veiled women. This is one of them.

Wild Happiness

Before the sunset we dance,
Love the air and the romance,
Let us blow it louder and louder
And reach for the …. Trance.