When I was young and I saw Warli paintings , I was'nt much impressed. It did not appeal to me as I thought its kind of a kid's art. I did not believe that this could be a form of art which is world famous and loved. Warli art was started by people of the Warli tribe, an ancient East Indian tribe.

I think Warli is a beautiful form of art and with simple illustrations it gives huge clues about the daily activities and life style of the ancient tribe.

The Warli painting style is close to the pre-historic cave paintings. It breaks the barrier of three dimensional rendering and the objects seldom overlap. It is interesting to see how a monochrome composition with rudimentary object forms like this can be so appealing.

Warli life style depicts traveling in bullock carts, applying cow dung on floors and walls, drawing water from wells, dancing, weaving carpets etc, women carrying pots / stacks of water containers on their heads etc.


  1. nice. and capured well with ur camera

  2. It is a beautiful art, although it looks very simple and childlike, it needs lots of patience. It is not everybody's cup of tea.
    In his life my son did only 2 warli art pictures, he could not do any more. One is hung in my house , the other he made it for one of my cousins who begged him to make one for her ad even paid for it.

  3. nice piece of art..Wao I must say u are super talented.

  4. Rashi madam

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